Lumia Series

Lumia Series

LUMIA series


LUMIA Incubatrice

Lumia is the most complete and technological range of medium-sized incubators. With capacities of 8, 16 and 56 eggs, they can meet any need.
All the models of Borotto incubators in the Lumia range use industrial invention patents as regards the egg carrier, the external trays used to deliver water without opening the incubators and the ventilation system that draws air from the centre of the machine and directs it to the side walls to favour thermal insulation and the correct development of the embryo inside the egg.
Moreover, for each Lumia model placed on the market (Lumia 8 and Lumia 16), a design patent has been filed.

  • Lumia 8 expert
  • Lumia 8 professional in HEAT-INSULATING ABS with BIOMASTER
  • Lumia 16 expert Lumia 16 professional in HEAT-INSULATING ABS with BIOMASTER